TEKHUB is a collaborative programme between The Asia Foundation and Impact Hub Phnom Penh.



Dedicated to innovative leaders harnessing the power of technology to achieve positive impact, TEKHUB provides business coaching, events and a space where entrepreneurs and innovators can grow their ideas through hands on prototyping and testing.



We know how passionate the startups and entrepreneurs at TEKHUB are about using technology to develop their business ideas and drive society forward. By specializing in technology, we offer a space where innovators and experts work together to help realise these goals.

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We’re equally passionate about technology as our residents. TEKHUB provides a programme to gain hands on experience in a variety tech ventures from programming and coding to project and business management. We’ve found that our members’ common interest in technology fosters ideas and innovation.



Programme residents find that our space helps them establish meaningful collaborations, while having the opportunity of accessing tech and business related events, programs and coaching. We provide the space and facilities for these collaborations to flourish.

Facilities and Programmes

We offer private rooms for aspiring technology startups and entrepreneurs alike. TEKHUB operates as a fully functioning office space, with a projector, WiFi and air conditioning. We provide a small conference room and booked access to a large conference room.
We work with Impact Hub Phnom Penh to provide regular coaching on how to realise, develop and grow your ideas.
We host weekly “Cookie Breaks” and monthly “Hot Seat Thursdays” for TEKHUB residents to socialise, network and share ideas. We regularly invite speakers to TEKHUB and find it’s common for our speakers to make connections with our residents, and many retain a mentoring role.
Events at TEKHUB have included “Women in Tech” and “Artificial Intelligence – New Opportunities”.
TEKHUB’s programme residents can take advantage of Impact Hub’s Global Network. They have access to 73 Impact Hubs across the region and around the world.


TEKHUB occupies the 2nd floor of The Asia Foundation building in Phnom Penh.

How to Apply

Applications to join TEKHUB on a rolling basis. If you’re interested in applying, you’ll need to fill out the application form. We’ll need some information about your business idea to make our decision – TEKHUB aims to accelerate startups using technology to achieve a socially beneficial aim.

If you have any queries about our TEKHUB programme or if you want to learn more, email Menghun Kaing: menghun.kaing@asiafoundation.org. We’re more than happy to welcome potential residents who want to visit TEKHUB to see the space, but please get in contact first.

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