CodingGate was founded by Sopheakmonkol Sok after meeting students with the technical skills and desire to create innovative apps and websites, but without the hardware. Codingate’s vision is to “pool and leverage our collective genius to provide quality, easy-to-use software and marketing solutions giving our clients a cutting edge in the marketplace”.

First and largest TEKHUB resident.

Developed over 150 business projects for clients.

Now develops their own apps based off ideas nurtured at TEKHUB.

Social impact?

Employs over 35 coders, developers and managers.

Aims to become Cambodia’s Google.

CodingGate sets the standard for a successful technology startup and offers a model for aspiring TEKHUB residents.



WEduShare was founded by three friends after seeing the disparity between the quality of education and opportunities offered to students in Cambodia. This laid the foundations for WEduShare’s mission: to use Facebook and the internet to provide free accessible educational information about scholarships abroad and within Cambodia, internships, training, mentoring, events and other opportunities and courses.

Joined TEKHUB in December 2016.

Offers affordable offline programmes such as tutoring.

Employs 5 full-time staff and over 15 student ambassadors.

Hopes to be self-sufficient within 2 years of joining TEKHUB.

TEKHUB has worked closely with WEduShare to help the startup grow. Here are some of the key ways TEKHUB has benefited WEduShare, according to it’s CEO Boromey Sreang.

  • Assisting developing an internal company structure
  • Mentoring in writing a business plan
  • Encouraging the development of a long-term strategy to expand to developing countries across the region
  • Help completing financial reports and important documents
  • Interaction with TEKHUB residents, e.g. sharing information and insights social media strategies consulting firm Tao Ventures

Tao Ventures

Tao Ventures
Tao Ventures is a social media strategy consulting company. It was founded by Justin Stokes and works with governments, civil society leaders, mission driven businesses, and individuals across Asia.

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